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Health/Science/Nature Questions

 MEDDeep laceration to index finger which was mistreated at ER. Mistreatment lead to prolonged infection which spread to joint and ... (1 Answers)

 MEDHow can i remove back pain: How can i remove back pain (1 Answers)

 MEDWhat is normal or high count in urine of adult female: Mine is 100,000 (1 Answers)

 MEDMy nose bleeds is this fatal?: I ALSO DON'T FELL WELL MY HEAD HURTS ALL THE TIME (7 Answers)

 MEDI've been on the gel and now depo testosterone. This one is causing bad depression and has for four months. I'm stopp... (1 Answers)

 MEDHow do I have babies?: How do I have babies? (7 Answers)

 MEDCancer/Chemo Advice? : Hey. I'm Bae. I'm 15 and I was resently diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my right shoulder. The docto... (1 Answers)

 MEDDid i dislocate or break a bone in my shoulder?: In november i was playing volleyball and I'm an over hand server and i wen... (2 Answers)

 MEDHow to Straighten a frizz hair without doing Creambath ?: Straight Hair,Natural,Not Creambath,Not Salon. (1 Answers)

 MEDAt what stage of lung cancer can be cured?: Age 46; female (2 Answers)

 MEDOk I've done the backing soda to pass my urian test and it worked but it showed up as a diluted what do I do so it won... (3 Answers)

 MEDI have lupus and other health problems. What is the best medicine to take?: Hi. I have lupus, fibro, IBS, PCOS, GERD and hy... (4 Answers)

 MEDI am feeling wellness what can i do now?: Hi, My self Manisha, I am working with Software MNC and working 10 hours in a day... (1 Answers)

 MEDIs there a connection between dental root resorption and lupus: Have had active teeth decay but two cases now of root resor... (1 Answers)

 MEDWhat are the best Way to Take Deal with Diarrhea ?: It is common that yuppies and most of the people are falling prey to va... (3 Answers)

 MEDWhat are the best Way to Take Deal with Diarrhea ?: It is common that yuppies and most of the people are falling prey to va... (2 Answers)

 MEDWhat is stroke?: A stroke is a condition in which the brain cells suddenly die because of a lack of oxygen. This can be cau... (2 Answers)

 MEDDoes Lupus cause hole to develop in the brain?: A friend told me she had lupus when she was 17-she is 30 now. She said she ... (1 Answers)

 MEDHow much percent people stay alive if they have cancer?and whats best solutions?: How much percent people stay alive if the... (2 Answers)

 MEDWhat is early sign of depression?: Depression is nothing but the stress that affect our daily health. Most people have felt... (3 Answers)

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